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Twinky Boys Share A Tasty Treat

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Dustin has a present for his friend Patrick, but this isn't the kind of thing he should enjoy all on his own. The tasty treat is a perfect way to get the fun started and with a little licking the boys are soon turning their attention to something meatier. With sweetness on their tongues and the savory deliciousness of their leaking cocks the two boys are soon taking it all the way, with Patrick easing his prick into that tight little rump and giving his boyfriend an amazing ride on his dong! Riding his lover's big schlong gets our hispanic twink gushing cream out over him, but he's soon sharing the taste of Patrick's cream in a messy kiss!

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Str8 Boy Needs Relief & Gets Fucked!

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When a horny boy needs relief they can always visit sexy sexy guy Patrick. Wesley knows it, and when he gets to the party he seeks out his friend to enjoy some illicit knob fun that his girl doesn't need to know about. With dicks out and stiff the boys suck each other off, but soon enough the str8 lad is offering his hole for Patrick to slide his dong into! Looks like this horny str8 boy has worked out what his butt is really for thanks to Patrick.

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Patrick & Dustin Piss Fuck!

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Piss lovers Dustin Fitch and Patrick Kennedy get absolutely soaked! Their hot piss fuck starts with each of them drinking each other's hot piss and then swapping head! After a nice long blowjob, Patrick pisses all over Dustin's ass and hole and then rims his wet hole! Finally, Patrick fucks Dustin's horny ass until he cums in the rubber and then fills it with piss too!

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Jimmy Roman & Patrick Kennedy

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Piss loving Jimmy Roman (also known as Roman on is back chugging Patrick Kennedy's hot piss breeder from his dong! After he drinks up, Jimmy sucks Patrick's boner, gets his ass pissed on and then he gets fucked deep! After Patrick unloads all over Jimmy's bubble butt, he pisses his jizz off!

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Brady Gets His Buddy’s Cock Up Him

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Patrick couldn't wait to get his dong into the perfect little ass of gorgeous Brady. The moment he could get the boy out of his pants and that knob in his mouth he took it, slurping the boy's delicious cock like a twink possessed! Brady was more than pleased with his friend's hunger, eager to get a taste of his knob too and turning it into an awesome 69. Is there anything hotter than seeing a couple of boys greedily gobbling on each other like that? Oh, of course there is, and we get to see that too as Brady slides his butt down on that stiff cock and takes it for a ride. Patrick loves that hole, it's no wonder he shoots off the way he does and the boys share a mutual spunk loving finish!

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Wesley Goes Gay To Get Off!

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Wesley always thinks with his rod, his big, beautiful, uncut knob. His girl is at home and the party is a sausage fest, so what's a horny guy to do? Patrick is on hand, and mouth, ready to give his buddy a thorough session of rod pleasure in the bathroom, swapping their delicious tools and taking it all the way as Patrick slides his own hard fat cock deep into Wesley's ass, ending with a shower of spunk in the bath tub!

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JD Phoenix & Patrick Kennedy

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Two super thirsty twinks in one room! Nearly 10 long pisses and lots of sex! Watch JD Phoenix even drink his own piss WHILE GETTING RIMMED! This is one of the wettest and hottest scenes! JD Phoenix cannot get enough piss and Patrick isn't far behind! Press play immediately and get that knob spewing!

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Awesome Oral & Deep Anal!

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The sight of gorgeous boys Patrick and Chris sharing their throbbing young cocks in so much tasty mutual sucking is awesome enough, and the delight of them licking out those butt holes and tasting their puckers is incredible, but after all that amazing cock sucking pleasure the vision of Chris taking every inch of that throbbing shaft deep in his hole as his friend fucks him all over the bed will have you edging that load and waiting for the pay off. Believe me, the mess these boys make when they finally let their cream splash from those cock tips is going to have you erupting a fountain of cream too!

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Straight Boy Goes Gay To Cum

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It sounds bad, but the best time to seduce a str8 boy is when he's been dumped by his girl. Preston finds himself newly single and with a load of cream in his balls, which makes it the perfect time for blond friend Patrick to finally get what he wants. You might expect that Preston would be the one fucking that ass, but you'd be wrong. It turns out the taste of that big dick and the feel of being blown by his buddy has him ready to dive right in and get the spunk fucked out of him!

February 1, 2018 patrickkennedy Videos 0

Butt Banging Boys In The Bathroom

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Friends Chris and Patrick are very good friends, so close that they love to spend their time together enjoying their hard young cocks. Chris arrives to find his friend in the bathroom and within moments his hard young dong is out for some fun. The mutual cock sucking the friends share is so hot, but you know Chris wants that tight little ass! The sight of Chris humping his long cock in and out of his friend is great, but it feels too good to last for too long. Soon the boys are jerking on their dicks and watching the spooge leaping from their shafts!

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