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Gay Pornstar Patrick Kennedy

Monthly Archives: November 2009

Patrick Kennedy’s Candy Fetish

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Patrick Kennedy is by himself, practicing his report for school, when Brendan Tyler interrupts him. He brings a lollipop that he knows Patrick will absolutely want to suck on. Patrick gets very horny at the sight of someone sucking a lollipop, so he immediately commands Brendan to fuck him. This unleashes a ton of sexual energy and we witness two spunky twinks going at it solidly until the lollipop is dry!

November 19, 2009 patrickkennedy Random Stuff 0

Cheering Up With a Lollipop

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Gabriel Kelly has issues with his parents and Patrick Kennedy lends a friendly ear. He's turned on by Gabriel's depressed mood, but doesn't want to take advantage of him. His dilemma gets resolved immediately when Gabriel begs him to fuck! They trade delightful blowjobs before they enjoy some good ass fucking. In the end, the very kinky pair scrubs some jizz off of Gabriel's chest with the lollipop and he sucks it dry!

November 9, 2009 patrickkennedy Random Stuff 0

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